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Lactation Consultant

The lactation consultants at PinnacleHealth help new moms and babies get the most out breastfeeding.

Most expectant mothers decide during pregnancy whether or not to breastfeed.  Those who opt for breastfeeding often plan on trying it to see what happens, knowing that if they encounter difficulty they can always switch to bottle feeding.
Breastfeeding does, indeed, take some work, but almost all problems that you’ll encounter in the early days of breastfeeding can be remedied with the right support and information. A lactation consultant can be an excellent resource to help you and your baby get off to a great start.

What is a Lactation Consultant?

A lactation consultant is a teacher as well as a counselor that helps mothers understand the fundamentals of lactation and supports their efforts to learn how to feed their baby. Lactation consultants often teach classes as well as provide one-on-one support.  They also help women meet their breastfeeding goals in light of special circumstances such as returning to work or school. Lactation consultants are familiar with breastfeeding equipment such as breast pumps and other supplies that will be helpful to mothers who are nursing.

How Can a Lactation Consultant Help?

Often a lactation consultant provides basic support such as information, encouragement, and reassurance. However, a lactation consultant can also provide more extensive and hands-on assistance if required.

You might find a lactation consultant helpful when:

  • You’ve experienced a less-than-desired breastfeeding experience in the past and want to be more successful with your next baby.
  • You need hands-on help with early attempts at latching on and positioning.
  • You experience sore nipples, yeast infection of the nipple, or other nipple traumas .
  • You’re dealing with plugged ducts, breast infections or breast pain of any kind .
  • Your baby won't latch on or is having trouble feeding.
  • You have concerns about your milk supply.
  • You’re concerned that your baby is not getting enough milk or gaining weight.
  • You’re nursing multiples
  • You need advice on choosing a breast pump, pumping, or storing your milk safely.
  • You’re transitioning back to work and are still breastfeeding .
  • When you are considering introducing solids to your baby and wonder how to integrate this with continued nursing.

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