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Labor Day Stories

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What's Your Labor Day Story?

Every labor day is special – and every day is labor day at PinnacleHealth. It’s that expertise that sets us apart. With more than 4,500 births each year and a Level III NICU, we are among the best equipped and most experienced birth centers in the state. But ask any new mom and dad about their Labor Day, and they’ll tell you it was the calming, caring support we brought to their baby’s birth that made all the difference.Share Your Story Today!

Video: Sidney's & Alister's Story

It took Stacey a long time (and some scary moments) to get where she is today, but Stacey couldn't be more thankful for her two healthy little boys and PinnacleHealth's NICU. Watch her story.

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Video: Mia's Story

Some nervous moments in the delivery room were kept at bay due to the calming and care nursing staff and Kimberly delivered a healthy baby girl at PinnacleHealth's Harrisburg Hospital.

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Video: Lori's Story

Watch mom, Lori, share her story about giving birth at PinnaclehHealth, not once but two times.

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Jack's Story

"Kevin and I knew this would be a high-risk pregnancy. Our first two children were born premature, but we hoped a new drug would help me stay pregnant longer."...

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Adam's Story

"After two stays at Harrisburg Hospital's antepartum unit due to pregnancy complications, I considered myself lucky to make it to 39 weeks...

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Katharine's Story

"My husband is currently deployed to the Middle East for one year. Sadly, we knew he would not be able to come home for our baby's birth...

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Nathan Thomas's Story

"I went for a routine check up on February 11, 2003. Very surprised to hear that I had developed pre-eclampsia...

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