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Maternal-Fetal Medicine

PinnacleHealth Maternal Fetal Medicine offers specialized services to handle the complications of pregnancy.

The vast majority of pregnancies are normal and uncomplicated, resulting in babies who are born healthy. Sometimes, though, you or your baby will have a condition that requires additional testing, monitoring or treatment. PinnacleHealth Maternal Fetal Medicine has the expertise and services you need to manage your higher-risk pregnancy.

Pregnant women with the following conditions may need additional maternal fetal medicine testing:
  •     Pre-existing maternal diseases (i.e., diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease)
  •     Toxemia (high blood pressure of pregnancy)
  •     Abnormal amniotic fluid amounts
  •     Abnormal fetal growth
  •     Multiple pregnancy (twins or more)
  •     Post-term pregnancy
If you and your baby need special care, you will be referred to PinnacleHealth Maternal Fetal Medicine, a practice dedicated to caring for women with high-risk pregnancies. Services include:
  •     Perinatal/preconception consultation
  •     Fetal echocardiography
  •     Ultrasound assessment of the cervix
  •     4D ultrasound imaging
  •     Genetic counseling services
  •     Non-invasive prenatal testing
  •     Amniocentesis/Chorionic Villus Sampling
  •     First trimester screening
  •     In-utero procedures
  •     Advanced obstetrical surgery

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